Content editing

Enter edit mode

Click the button in the bottom left corner to enter Edit Mode – then edit content directly by clicking text, images, and other elements.

Save changes

Remember to always save any changes you make by clicking the Save button on the left side of the top edit bar. You may also save by pressing cmd+s / ctrl+s.

Edit text

Any text which can be edited will highlight yellow on hover. Click the text and start typing to edit it.

To create a new line without creating a new paragraph (without a space between the lines of text), use shift+enter.

Apply formatting

To format text, highlight the text you would like to format, then use the formatting buttons which appear above.

Formatting shortcuts

The editor will intelligently assist you while writing, automatically linking typed and pasted urls, and will convert emoticons such as :​) to 😃.

To use a shortcut, type the text shown in the right column below, followed by a space.



Heading (H2)


Smaller heading (H3)




Numbered list




Divider (followed by enter)


Add content elements

To add special content elements, such as headings and images:

  • Create a new line

  • Click the plus (+) icon to the left

  • Click one of the icons which appear

  • Hover an icon for details


Headings provide structure to content and help users in scanning text.

Use the larger heading in most cases. The smaller heading should be used to further divide content which has already been divided by the larger heading.


Hover over an image added to a block of text to reveal a group of buttons. Use these to set the size of the image and to remove it.


When adding a video, choose to either upload a video or paste the URL of a YouTube or Vimeo video.


Use this element to add a link to a file, such as a PDF or PowerPoint.

Bullets and numbered lists

Use the tab key to indent a line, and shift+tab to remove an indent.
Use shift+enter to create a new line without create a new dot point/number.


To remove the quote style, use the button at the top left of the quote block.


When first adding a table, use the grid to select the number of rows and columns.

After a table has been added:

  • Use tab to move to the next cell, and create a new row when pressing tab in the last cell

  • Use shift+tab to move to the previous cell, and create a new row at the start when pressing tab in the first cell

  • Use the button at the top right of the table to remove it

  • Use the dots on the outside of the table to add columns and rows


When adding a form you may choose to use an existing form or create a new form.

If you edit an existing form please note that this will change the form everywhere it is used.

Bible texts

When adding a Bible text you will be provided with a list of versions to choose from according to your site language. After choosing the version, enter a verse reference, such as John 3:16, then press enter.