Add new pages

To add a new page, click the Add button in the center of the edit bar at the top of the screen. Choose the type of content you would like to add.

Depending on the type of content selected, you will be asked to provide some information. Follow the prompts and enter the info requested, then click the Continue button to move to the next.

When done, you will be taken to the new page to start editing.

Set publish status

Note that when a new page is added, it will be set to Published. To prevent the public from seeing the page click Unpublish on the left of the edit bar. To make the page public, click the Publish button in the edit bar.

Delete a page

First unpublish the page via the button in the edit bar, then click Delete.

View drafts

A list of all drafts (pages set to unpublished) may be viewed via the Drafts button in the center of the edit bar. Click one to edit it.